Component Sourcing

One stop Shop for all type of electronic components!

We source the key components from the well known chips distributors to ensure the chips quality before assembly.

TechiesDesigns has a well-established, effective component sourcing system for low cost PCB Assembly, We are tied up with many component supply vendors across the globe and we provide our component sourcing for all type of components, which have good relationship with many components supplier. Our dedicated team has years of experience in dealing with procurement and logistics PCB components to place at your disposal.

We strive to help you eliminate any Component Issues before your order is placed. Only the exact parts you specified in your BOM are ordered for each of your assembly jobs.

We purchase all the components from your recommended suppliers.
We purchase all the components from authorized agencies or distributors.

TechiesDesigns competitive advantages in components sourcing

1. Considerable customer service

We provide free quotations for your components sourcing, and you can get a one-to-one service to assist you with the order process.

2. Authorized components suppliers

At present, we have long-term cooperation with DigiKey and Mouser Electronics. And we will develop more suppliers to meet the diverse requirements of customers. Authorized purchasing channels are the guarantee of the components’ performance and durability. Therefore, we will purchase the parts from trusted and reliable distributors by default.

3. Cost-effective

We have years’ of experience in PCB assembly and build a stable cooperative relationship with reliable component suppliers so that we can get the components at low costs. Price advantage can help you to lower the production cost.

4. Short procurement lead time

We have inventory support from our stable suppliers so that we can arrange the components within 3-5 days if they are in stock. Usually, for batch orders, it will take 7-14 days to finish components sourcing from the date you place orders. But in practice, the lead time is different according to the difficulty degree of components purchase.

5. Full traceability and obsolescence management

We operate strict quality control standards and full supply chain management to make sure all the components are with the best quality and optimal price. We promise that all the components are subject to thorough incoming inspection and continuous testing during the entire production, and the procurement process is fully traceable.

6. Diverse customized service in component sourcing

We have a variety of components sourcing service to meet your different demands. If you have other requirements we not mentioned in this article, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to provide you with the greatest convenience. And we will not substitute the components without your approval.

How We Make It Happen?

It just takes 5 simple steps.

• Upload BOM.

• BOM Processing.

• Data Aggregation from multiple vendors.

• Automated Price Recommendation.

• Report Generation.

What Is a BOM?

So what exactly is a bill of materials? A BOM is a comprehensive list of raw materials, assemblies and sub-assemblies, components and other crucial items for product manufacturing. Manufacturers must depend on the information included in their BOM to build a product, so it has to be highly accurate and sufficiently detailed. Customers use BOMs to explain to a printed circuit board, or PCB, assembler what exactly they need when they order circuit boards. The assembler uses it to build the board to the customer's specifications.

How to Get Quotation of Components?

You should provide a correct BOM with detailed information of items, raw materials, sub-assemblies, package, description, part number, etc. Once you have the BOM ready, please submit a quote request by sending mail to

Usually, it takes around one week to finish components sourcing from the date the parts are ordered to the date the parts are obtained. Based on the difficulty degree of components procurement, lead time is different with the shortest lead time of only 5 days.